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According to experts, 79.0% of all websites use PHP. These results are in stark contrast to what many in the IT community are saying – that PHP is dying. These observations make the subject open for debate. This is especially true for technologies and tools commonly used in PHP projects. And it’s hard to imagine any popular programming language without a framework built on top of it. 

Python works with Django, Node.js works with Express, and Laravel is perfect for PHP. Laravel is considered prominently among other best PHP frameworks for web applications. As a company with several ongoing PHP projects among others, Vilmate offers Laravel web development services to our clients. 

We understand how difficult it can sometimes be to choose the right technology stack for your next software development project. Therefore, we want to clarify a few things by giving a brief overview of Laravel. In this guide, we will discuss that Laravel is the best PHP framework for web applications.

What is the Laravel PHP framework?

In the field of software development, a framework is reusable software developed to help developers build their applications. It provides special features that you can use for free in your program to extend functionality and improve performance. So a software framework like Laravel aims to prevent developers from reinventing the wheel by providing them with out-of-the-box solutions. 

The complexity of these solutions ranges from simplifying routine tasks such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching to providing the powerful tools needed for large-scale, sustainable application development. Laravel is exactly what the framework definition suggests. At the same time, the second most popular PHP framework, Symfony, received only a third as many stars there, despite the fact that it was released 4 years earlier. 

So the current state of Laravel suggests that it has evolved for web developers all over the world. Nothing comes from nothing. And Laravel has many various functions built in to save you time and energy while taking care of numerous low-level details with a beautiful MVC architectural pattern.

What makes Laravel the greatest PHP framework for Web apps?

  • Source code

It is an open-source and free framework that allows you to effortlessly build large and complex web applications. All you need to get started is a text editor and a PHP installation.  

  • Individual Tests – Debugging

Laravel is designed with testing in mind. By default, your app’s test folder contains two folders: Feature and Unit. Each module of your web application is tested using Laravel unit testing before launching your website. These tests ensure that your end users get a powerful, error-free, and ultimately problem-free application. This is another exception to the Laravel framework. 

  • Creating a URL

Laravel can also generate URLs, which is very useful for creating links in your models. When a user clicks or enters a link, they want to see the desired content, such as an article, product description, etc., which is not possible without the help of URL routing. By taking a URI and closure, the Laravel framework provides a very simple path description strategy.

  • Tutorials from the Laracasts

Laravel includes Laracasts, a collection of free and commercial video lessons that show how to leverage Laravel in development. Jeffery Way, a great trainer, developed all the videos. The video quality is excellent and the lectures are well-planned and informative. 

  • Community help

As a developer, you face many problems related to development. If you are stuck and someone has been there before you who can help you, moving forward is less painful. It has a large community, which makes it a stronger player than others. If you report a bug or security hole in the framework, the community responds quickly. 

  • Transfer of databases

Laravel Migration allows you to preserve the application’s database structure without having to recreate it. Instead of SQL, the migration allows database management using PHP code. Migrations allow you to undo the most recent improvements made to the database. 

Now we have seen the main reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web applications. We really understand why it is such a popular choice among internet professionals. This is due to its adaptability, creative solutions, and practical attitude. 

Its official packages, which include Socialite, Scout, Passport, and Horizon, to name a few, are powerful ways to make web and mobile app development easier and more creative. Laravel’s versatile design and robust backend have led to it being used on more than 700,000 websites. As a result, Laravel is one of the most advanced PHP framework options available.

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