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Social Networking Solutions That We Offer

  • Social Networking Website

    We develop social networking websites where people can share their interests and connect with other people and share common interests.

  • Social Media CMS Application

    There are several content management systems available that offer several features however, we develop a custom Social Media CMS application to suit your special requirements.

  • Facebook Application Development

    Facebook has a huge audience and consumers can easily interact via Facebook applications. Our professional Facebook Applications Developers use innovative methods to develop these applications.

  • Social Networking Mobile Apps

    We develop social networking mobile apps that can be developed accessed anywhere and on the go. These can be used by entrepreneurs to give their employees and customers a personal experience.

  • Video & Photo Sharing Apps

    We develop video and photo sharing apps that help users share their content in a more organized and safe manner.

  • Chat Applications

    We develop special chat applications that can aid users in communicating with customer service about their product and service queries. This can be social chat, in-app messaging or special chat applications for enterprises.

Why Develop a Social Networking Website?

  • Such websites make the communication with liked minded people around the globe a breeze.
  • It gives you a chance to connect with people all around the world.
  • It is a good business opportunity.
  • It is a good source for fun and enjoyment
  • Rapid real time notification of news and events of your interest.
  • Share media and content easily among a closed group.

How Qorvatech Can Help With Your Social Media Requirements?

  • We have a skilled team of website and mobile app developers with professional experience.
  • We offer high level of customization.
  • We utilize project management tools like Basecamp to streamline all communications between clients and relevant managers or developers.
  • A dedicated project manager is assigned to avoid any delays or miscommunication.
  • We assure confidentiality and provide expert advice when required.
  • We offer free support for 30 days.
$ 1650 $ 1250

Custom package

  • Minimum 20 hours of block payment required
  • Any customized work in php and html
$ 13 Per hour
Offer Valid till31th DEC
Offer Code WCUSTDEC18