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A paid online marketing strategy that allows your business to get traffic or leads by placing ads across
the search engine page is known as PPC or Pay per click advertising. You can promote your website in
social media or in Google by running a perfect PPC ad over it. Compared to traditional advertising PPC
operates different pricing model and here you need to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Your money will only be detected when people will click on your ads it is extremely cost effective. PPC
ads offer various targeting option but how much your brand can benefit from it will totally depend on the
keywords you are targeting and the expertise of the person who is managing the ad. The effectiveness of
your ads is all depend on your keyword and bidding strategy.

PPC marketing allows you to earn viewers to your website and will help them to know about your
product or services. It will help you in getting the immediate result and the entire working of this depends
on the first look of the ad you are running. If you as a business uses PPC marketing then it pulls the
quality traffic and help in increasing the revenue by offering more leads and sales.

A campaign designed to reach a relevant audience for your website and provides the quality leads
instantly is a successful PPC campaign. For creating this successful ad expert advice along with their
strategy is required not everyone can run this properly. You need to-
1. Identify your goals
2. Give a thought over your budget
3. Prepare the list of keywords for your ad and bid on that
4. Start creating the landing page
5. Optimize the ad regularly
And for all this you need to hire professionals so that you can succeed in running a proper PPC

PPC and SEO has some similarities and also some differences that is traffic coming on your site from
PPC campaign is paid whereas the traffic generated from SEO is organic. If you have work on your
website and optimize it properly then you will start getting traffic and leads in an organic way.
While working with SEO you have to make your keyword rank on the top position for SERP. And for
PPC you need to target that specific keyword which has higher chances to get on the top and then run an
ad by targeting that to generate more traffic.

Google Ads is the largest platform for PPC and it is used by almost all the peoples for promoting their
businesses. This also offers mobile specific campaigns so that you can target users on their smart phones.
With using this you are allowed to choose different ad formats for running your ad campaign as the
variety of options are available for you.
Other platforms for running PPC ads are Facebook ads, Microsoft ads, Instagram ads, YouTube, Twitter,
Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

The quantity of times a potential viewer has seen your advertisement is known as an impression. The
advertisement could be a text link, banner or button. An ad impression is the total number of times the
image has appeared on any desktop screen.
An actual number, an ad click indicates how many times a user has moved his cursor to your
advertisement's image. It also counts the number of times the mouse has been clicked on that image. This
method of buying advertisements is profitable for the marketers in contrast to the impression.


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